Oakland Safety Impact Table

Mission: The Safety Impact Table is a group of individuals who represent City and County agencies, philanthropic organizations, and local nonprofits who have the common goal of increasing safety in Oakland. The mission of the Safety Impact Table is to identify citywide approaches to reducing violence and incarceration that result from increased collaboration across agencies and organizations, reallocation of public funding, and changes in public policy and procedure.

Role in OMBL: The Oakland Safety Impact Table is responsible for all fundraising, communication, evaluation, and purchasing activities. The Table also provides oversight of league operations.

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Alameda County Probation Department

Mission: The mission of the Alameda County Probation Department is to support and restore communities by providing: 1) compassionate supervision and accountability to justice-involved youth and adults; and 2) preventive and rehabilitative services through evidence-based practices and collaborative partnerships.

Role in OMBL: The Alameda County Probation Department (ACPD) applied for and received a $450,000 grant from the CA Board of State and Community Corrections to support 6 seasons of the league from 2020-2022. ACPD was also a primary funder of the 2018 & 2019 seasons.

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Oakland Police Activities League

Mission: The mission of the Oakland Police Activities League is to: 1) offer educational and recreational programs that provide a common platform for positive interaction between Oakland's youth and police officers, thereby fostering a mutual bond of respect, understanding, and trust; 2) guide youth toward responsible, mature, and informed citizenship; and 3) encourage principles of good will, friendship, and sportsmanship.

Role in OMBL: The Oakland Police Activities League hires and oversees league staff members, recruits players, develops team rosters and game schedules, coordinates referees, and oversees all game-day logistics.

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Oakland Unite

Mission: Oakland Unite is a division within the City of Oakland's Department of Violence Prevention. Oakland Unite funds or directly provides services to Oakland's community members and neighborhoods at highest risk for experiencing community violence. Services focus on interrupting violence as it occurs and preventing future violence.

Role in OMBL: Oakland Unite’s Violence Prevention Network Coordinator leads all player workshops, delivering content and inviting individuals from relevant organizations to speak each week. Oakland Unite also recruits players for participation in the league.

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